Pueblo Pintado School

The Pueblo Pintado School is named after the 1000-year-old ruins located nearby in the Chaco Canyon area of Northwestern New Mexico. The school is funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and is on the Navajo Reservation. The facility consists of a 70,652 square feet K-8 school for 387 students. The site is remotely located at an elevation of 6,540 feet between four mountain ranges, and required extensive utility infrastructure to support the complex.

The school design was based upon both the ancient forms of the ruins and the Navajo culture. The entry to the school is semi-circular with a stone veneer, which is similar to the kiva shapes found at the ancient ruins. The façade of the school has punched square window forms also found at the ruins. The walls are rock-face CMU with a pattern that portrays the mesas on the horizon. Along with two classrooms per grades the school has a large gym and dining facility, which can be used by the community. A media center is located between the two wings of upper-grade classrooms and lower-grade classrooms. Specialized classrooms include Fine Arts, Navajo Language, Computer Lab, Gifted Child, Special Education classrooms, Science lab, Home Economics and a Wood Shop. The administration area has a Health unit along with a reception area, eight offices and a Conference Room.

The facility was required to be designed for a LEED Silver Certificate. Some of the features incorporated to accomplish this rating were ground source heat, daylighting with light shelves and solar tubes, sustainable and renewable material, highly reflective roofing and paving materials, and xeroscaping landscape design.

The school and dormitory are currently under construction. Our firm is the lead for construction administration for the project. The project has an expected cost of $29,665,000.


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