Mandan Care Center

Currently under construction, the Mandan Care Center is a 128-bed skilled nursing facility, which is attached to the old "Mandan Hospital" for ease in accessing the Medcenter One Clinic. The facility consists of four neighborhoods with 32 beds, a living room, dining room, warming kitchen, and support spaces. Most of the rooms are for single occupancy with a double room, bariatric room and two suites. One neighborhood surrounds an interior courtyard with landscaped walking path. The other neighborhood stretches along the edge of the hill overlooking the valley to the west.

The lobby enters into a "streetscape" which wanders through the common spaces connecting the neighborhoods. Near the lobby are a combination events room and chapel, and a gift shop. Also along the streetscape are administrative spaces, physical therapy, beauty shop, family dining room, and a lounge/coffee shop. Support spaces include a central kitchen, staff lockers and lounge, garage, and laundry. A second floor is stacked over the first with two more neighborhoods similar to the ones below and additional administration and training spaces.

A tour was conducted at the beginning of the project with owner and architect visiting facilities in several states to develop a design philosophy. The end users discussed the pros and cons of their facilities in informative discussions.

The site posed several challenges as it had been developed in the center, leaving only the parking lot on the north side of the hospital for development. Early on it was found that a one-story structure was not feasible, and two and three story schemes were explored. The Owner also had space available in the hospital that could be used by the nursing home, therefore, the two facilities share a common wall and access between them is provided.

The Owner wanted a residential appearance for the building. To accomplish this, porches and sloping roofs were used as well as materials found in residential construction such as shingled roofs, lap siding, and stone veneer. Completion of the 81,000 square feet building is expected to be in November of 2008 at a cost of $12,680,000.


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