MDU Service Center

MDU Resources decided to construct two more buildings on this site. Since the original concept was developed 8 years ago, additional land was purchased to accommodate the growth of the company. The corporate headquarters was moved to the top of the hill to take advantage of the views the site has to offer. A double entry road with a central boulevard was designed for the main entrance to the facility.

The 90,752 square foot MDU Resources building was designed to house their corporate headquarters. This building contains a central training facility as well as a central cafeteria. A central corporate wide computer center is located in this building as a shared services function. The tunnel system was extended to connect the three buildings currently on the site. This will allow employees from the subsidiaries to utilize the central cafeteria and the training facility even during the winter.

The other building being constructed will house another subsidiary as well as have enough expansion space in the 34,726 square foot building to house an additional subsidiary at this time.

Both buildings were designed to be similar to the existing building already on site so the campus will look like a cohesive corporate headquarters, instead of a fractured grouping of independent subsidiaries. Room was left in the design of the site for one or two additional buildings to be added to the campus at a future time. This project required our team to meet with various groups from various divisions throughout the organization to determine their needs, wants, and any overlap in those items that could lead to shared facilities to result in a more efficient use of space


2016 Hulsing & Associates Architects, P.C.