Dickinson Area Public Library

The Dickinson Area Public Library is a historic Carnegie Library built in 1908 with additions constructed in 1938 and 1974. The library was lacking space and with programs and services changing over the years it was in need of another update.

One goal of this project was to maintain the character of the 1908 and 1938 structure and bring the appearance of the 1974 addition closer to the historic character, while providing ease of access to the elderly and the handicap. The other goal was to make the building more user friendly for both the public and staff. To accomplish these goals, the addition was sited to the back of the 1974 addition so the 1908 and 1938 structures were not obscured. The face of the 1974 addition was modified to more closely resemble the older building by removing the entry and arched window. The original entry was put back into service and a new accessible entry was incorporated into the addition.

The addition's facade compliments the historic building by using similar elements such as window styles, precast banding, brick color and roof slope. To enhance the interior character, a turn-of-the century "bird cage" elevator was provided as a focal point. Wood trim, molding and doors were replicated in the addition to further enhance the historic character. The original tin ceiling was also restored in the 1908 portion of the library.

Functionally, the circulation desk was relocated for visual control of both the original building and the additions. The children's library was relocated to its original position in the lower level and a book mobile garage was added. The community room is now located at the entry level for ease of use after hours. The new entry is accessed through a garden style plaza, which is located over the well field for the ground-source heat system. This system will dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs.

Although the historic nature is emphasized, the building is up-to-date with computer access throughout, security systems, and surveillance cameras. The 14,220 square foot addition along with the 9,691 square foot of remodeling was completed in 2007 at a cost of $3,064,000.


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