Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing

These duplexes designed for Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing are approximately 1,000 square foot three bedroom units. All of the units are handicap friendly with wide hallways and doors. Four of the units are fully handicap accessible. The full architectural and civil design was done for this project, extending an existing road and all relevant utilities.

These units were designed specifically to be duplexes and many elements of the design help to maintain the individuality of the units while maintaining the initial cost and utility cost savings of a duplex. The entrances have been placed on either end of the units to help differentiate the units as well as provide greater privacy from one unit to the next. To further aid in privacy, the common walls are two complete wall systems with a concrete foundation beneath. The front porches provide some additional outdoor living space as well as shelter for the entrance. The forward facing gables help to break up the long front elevation and provide a premium look. For durability and resistance to the high winds in the area, permanent siding and metal roofs have been used throughout.

To help prevent the intrusion of toxic mold and to keep the interior air quality at a high level, a whole house air ventilation system was designed and installed in these units. The fresh air is brought in through an air to air heat exchanger and provides fresh air throughout the house while exhausting stale air. The heat exchanger ensures that energy costs are kept in check.

These duplexes were completed in 2006 and the total project cost was approximately $3.4 million including the infrastructure.


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